Mission Statement

Value – Openness – Integrity – Commitment – Excellence

Value – We create real Value for our clients and employees, through innovative solutions, rewarding careers and growth. Openness – We believe in true openness and transparency throughout our company. Our Management actively encourages open communication and dialog at every level of the organisation. Integrity – Our business is built on integrity. We follow clear ethical guide lines and strictly enforce them throughout the company. Commitment – We are committed to the success of our clients. We are fully dedicated to all work and projects that we take on. We are also committed to our employees career development and meeting share holders expectations. Excellence – We believe in excellence and practice a continuous process of improvement and innovation.


Corporate Vision “To be the very best in our Chosen fields and Excel at all times to deliver world class leading products and service.”



Guiseley Engineering roots go back to early 1948 with the formation of a small company called Ellmesee Engravers working from premises in the center of Leeds. Mr Albert Henkel Of Hansella in Germany made an approach to form a partnership and in 1954, the Company of Hansella Products was formed. In 1963 new premises were purchased in Guiseley near Leeds and yet another name change found the birth of Guiseley Engineering. Mr Herring died the following year leaving his son Albert to take the Helm. In 1973 Mr Herring contacted Bosch to buy their third share and later that year became the sole proprietor, and it remains that way to this day with the Late Mr Albert Herring’s Son in law carrying on those ethics and traditions.

2013 saw the company reach a significant milestone, 50 years of successful manufacturing. In 2014 Guislely Engineering moved to a larger state-of-the-art factory in Shipley, which will maintain the continued success that has been evident for the past half century.

Guiseley Engineering look to the future with considerable Confidence knowing that whatever economic changes may take place, we are well equipped to meet that challenge.We have earned a reputation as a business that ‘can do’ when it comes to delivering the goods – on time, right first time – over three generations .